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Intercessory prayer is one of the Christian's most powerful tools. By lifting up those in need, we bring them to the Lord for His healing hand, strength and comfort.

If you would like to add yourself or someone in your life to the prayer chain, please send your request to prayerrequests@faithlutherandeland.org, or call the church office at 386-734-2791.

We pray for those who are chronically ill, that God would be their daily companion and strength:

Nina Eriksen
Maxine Pepper
Faith Eriksen
Kerry Sholtis

For those who are fighting cancer, that they will know they are not alone in the battle:

Craig Parillo
Lance Borrows
Ray Bebee

For those who are shut in, that they will feel the Lord's constant presence:

Anna Anderson
Virginia Fauble
Millie Glover
Corinne Martinez

We rejoice with those who are recovering from injury, illness or surgery:

Nina Eriksen
Carl Carey
Joseph Candalino
Wilma Brokaw
Roy Erickson
Faith Ericksen

For those in mourning, that God will comfort them:

The family of Marilyn Snow

We pray for those whose needs are known only to the Lord:

Judy Lang
Dorothy Caldwell

We pray for the special concerns of our neighbors, our community, our nation and our world:

Our men and women in the military
Habitat for Humanity
All people in war-torn nations
Storm victims
Rain for areas that need it
For our local, state and national leaders
For those in the grip of addiction to drugs and alcohol and for their families

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